Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 2-3 Update

Week 2 Conclusion

Connection between the Arduino and the ESC:
The Arduino was finally able to connect to the Traxis ESC. It was very difficult to do because the Traxis has its own preprogrammed arming sequence that we had to replicate to connect to the ESC with our Arduino.  To fix this issue, we had to connect the ESC to an oscilloscope and analyze the connection between the ESC and the receiver so that the Arduino can replicate the same signal.

The Arduino and the GPS module
The Arduino was able to utilize the GPS module and connect to various satellites to acquire locational data. The GPS was very inaccurate due to the urban setting and hopefully will have better success in a rural area where there is not as much interference.
The GPS saying the "current location"

Current Situation:

The Arduino is now able to utilize all of the motors on the vehicle. It is also now able to use the GPS. Getting the Arduino to connect to all the motors on the RC car was difficult and now that it has been done, a major hurdle has been overcome.

For the final project to come together, there are still many things have to come together before the final product. First of all, all of the sensors have to be tested in the Arduino and tuned to return values that will be useful to the RC car. Secondly, the algorithm for the movement has to be put together so that the car will be able to navigate to the predetermined destinations autonomously.

Future Plans:
Sensors that have to be worked on soon:
Compass module
Infrared Distance Sensor

Xbee Transceiver modules
The IR Sensor, Compass Module, and GPS

Obstacle Avoidance
Movement Algorithm

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