Thursday, April 10, 2014

Week 1-2 Blog

Week 1: The Beginning of the Project


  • Start the project
  • Contact Dr. Char

The group met together on April 4th and talked about the future plans of the project. It was decided that it was important to focus on the coding aspect on the project so it was a priority to get all the basics out of the way before any complicated coding was to be done. This meant that all the materials had to be brought together, the Arduino had to be plugged into the RC Car, make sure that all the motors are working with the Arduino.

What Happened During Week 1:

Gathered all the Essential Materials
The RC Car, the Arduino Board, extra wires, and a GPS were obtained

Testing Steering Servo as demonstrated by video
The Steering Servo was plugged directly into the Arduino and since it was a direct connection, it was not that difficult for the Arduino to control.
This is a video to show how the Arduino controlled the motors.

Test the back-wheels with the Arduino
The back wheels are controlled by an ESC so it meant that the Arduino has to connect with the ESC so that the ESC can control the speed of the back wheel.
The Arduino was not able to connect with the ESC so it was necessary look at how the Radio transceiver of the RC car connected to the

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