Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 5-6 Update


  • Add scaled steering so the amount the wheels turn is dependent upon how far off of the desired course the robot is
  • Calculations to determine heading and distance between current location and next waypoint
  • Basic state Control with 3 IR sensors


  • Determined series of tests for IR sensor testing
  • Scaled steering when traveling north
  • Heading and distance calculations between waypoints
  • Integrated calculations, and scaled steering into code such that robot turns toward next waypoint
Not permanently mounted, but the car is controlled by the Arduino regardless
Close up of the RC Car

IR Sensor Testing

  • Began brainstorming different situations that the car could run into when it is driving
  • The following images represent an outline of tests that will be performed using 3 infrared distance sensors mounted on the front bumper of the vehicle
  • The purpose of these tests is to determine the success of the obstacle avoidance algorithm
Scenario1 : Avoids Object that is in slightly to the side of it by going
the path which requires the least turn
Scenario 2 : Same situation as Scenario 1 but turns the other way this time
Scenario 3: When it is directly in front of it, it will decide which way
    will bring the car closer to the final destination
Scenario 4: When it is surrounded by objects, it will back up
and try to maneuver around it
Scenario 5: It will continue object avoidance after it
 clears its first obstacle
Scenario 6: When approaching a wall, it will turn accordingly 

Scenario 7: Same situation as Scenario 6 but the other side of the car

Scenario 8: Will have to identify other cars that are also running on the track

Scenario 9: Same situation as Scenario 8

Scale Steering

  • Allows robot to turn more or less based on how far off of desired heading it currently is
  • This will minimize swerving and smooth path of travel

Video of Scaled Steering

Formula to get the Angle needed for the Heading

Next Tasks

  • Travel to and stop at target waypoint
  • Change target waypoint
  • Travel to new target waypoint
  • Basic state Control with 3 IR sensors

Hopeful test run of the RC car going from point to point on Buckley Field

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